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B Com LLB (UCT) is chairman. The younger son of Trencor’s founder, Joe Jowell, was appointed as a director of Mobile on 27 January 1969. He joined Trencor on 1 November 1958 and has been an executive director of that company since 2 October 1962 and assumed a part-time executive role from 15 March 2002. Effective 23 December 2003, his Trencor board status changed to that of a non-executive. He serves on Trencor’s executive committee in an advisory capacity and is a member of its nomination committee. In 1991 he was voted as one of Business Times’ Top Five Businessmen.



B Com LLB (UCT) MBA (Columbia) has been a director since 27 January 1969. He is the elder son of Trencor’s founder and joined that company on 1 January 1956. He was appointed to the Trencor board on 30 December 1966 and, following the death of his father in 1973, as chairman of Trencor. He is chairman of Trencor’s executive committee and is also a member of Trencor’s remuneration committee. In 1987 he was voted Cape Times Business Man of the Year and in 1991 as one of Business Times’ Top Five Businessmen.




HAROLD AUBREY GORVY (81) – resigned 31 March 2009


B Com (UCT) CA (SA) FCA was appointed to the boards of Mobile and Trencor on 18 April 1984. He is a non-executive director of Stonehage Group, an international financial services group and was previously chairman of Andersens in South Africa. He relocated to the UK in 1987. He is a member of the audit committee and of Trencor’s audit and nomination committees and serves as an executive and non-executive director on the boards of several unlisted companies.




Dip Law (UCT) Grad Dip Company Law (UCT) is an executive of Investec Bank Ltd. He was appointed as an alternate director of Trencor on 30 November 1992 and as a full director on 24 July 1995 and was appointed to the Mobile board and audit committee on 31 March 2009. Prior to joining Investec in June 2000, he practised as an attorney at law with Sonnenberg Hoffmann Galombik for 32 years. He is Trencor’s lead non-executive director and chairman of the remuneration and nomination committees and a member of the audit committee. He serves on the boards of numerous listed and unlisted companies in a non-executive capacity.



B Com (UCT) CA (SA) CPA (Isr) was appointed as a non-executive director of Mobile and Trencor on 3 March 2004 and is chairman of the Mobile and Trencor audit committees. He was previously an international partner of Andersens in South Africa and now serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Stonehage Group’s operations in South Africa. He is a director of various listed and unlisted companies in a non-executive capacity and serves as a trustee of various trusts.

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